Flappy Bee Game Competition Final Day

The flappy bee game competition has come to end. There were two categories for the final day.

  1. Highest Sum of the score from Day 1 to Day 4.
  2. Highest Number of times played on Day 4.

The winner for first category is Yogesh Acharya scoring 104022 in total game and winning Rs. 300. The winner for the second category is Prabin Maharjan. He played 170 times on the fourth day winning Rs. 100. Although the Yogesh played 604 times on the fourth day, we decided to distribute the prize among two people. Thank you Yogesh for being the good user. Hope you will continue to play!

Also, I want to thank all the users who played and supported the game! Thank you for your feedback also. The game will be back after few modification and new attractive winning prizes.

Flappy Bee

Review of Flappy Bee game

This is the review of “Flappy Bee” game that you can download free from Google Play. The developer of this game is Pradip Kharbuja, a master level student at Maharishi University of Management of Fairfield, Iowa USA, an ex-lecturer at Softwarica College of IT & E-commerce and programmer and developer at various organizations

Introduction of reviewer:

I, Nitesh Regmi, am the ex-student of Pradip Kharbuja from Softwarica College of IT & E-commerce and a beginner programmer myself. This is not the technical review of the apps but a user perspective of the game. I am more focusing on how a user feels and react to the game after they experience it rather than how it is built technically.

This review includes both positive and negative parts of the game and also some of the future enhancement recommendations for the developer. Starting from the positive review:

Positive parts of “Flappy Bee” game:
• The game is simple and nice that occupies 5mb (approximately) storage initially and the memory storage increases as you use more.
• The graphical interface and the color combination are good. The color combination is not too eye catching and the menu options are also familiar with that of other applications so it makes easier for the users to understand what the options are..
• The background music is also good and helps the player to concentrate more on the game and helps to maintain a constant flow as game progresses. But I recommend no sound if you are around people as it is irritating for others.
• The Nepal’s flag at the top left corner of the interface is the main attraction of the game and the most unique concept. It makes the game suitable for typical Nepalese group throughout the world and also hopefully promotes Nepal and brotherhood. Let me not go more into politics and current crisis of the country but the flag concept makes users more proud of their country.
• The tunnels in the main interface remind more of the popular game of 90’s Mario which is key to attract both old and new generation to play it.
• The touch sensitivity of the game is also better. Although it is difficult for the new users to adjust with it but once you become familiar with how the game is played you will realize touch sensitivity was not the real problem.
• The score concept makes the game more interesting. You can play game as competition; competition with friends or competition with yourself i.e. first make a high score and then start chasing it and make another high score.
• The game is a best solution if you are not a big game hazard, but loves to play games when you are bored or free.
• The game is a good medium to keep yourself alive especially when you are alone at a public place and has nothing to do or when you are waiting for your friends in cafe/park.
• The three day challenge, prize rewards and the enthusiasm of developer to promote the game make you to download and play the game for at least once.
• The ads on the top of the screen are also a good option to know more about other available applications. I will write more about it in negative parts too.

However, there are many positive sides of the application, but there are negative parts too. Negative parts are not only mentioned to criticize the game but also to suggest developer for future enhancements.

Note: the review involves the comparison of this game with the earlier game published by Pradip Kharbuja i.e. Helicopter game that you can find at Google Play. To know more about this review, please be familiar with both the games.

The negative sides of the application are:
• The negative part of the game that everyone is feeling are the game crashes frequently and the device also gets hanged several times. This is a simple technical issue that I hope will be solved in next update.
• The pop-up messages featuring score holds too less seconds on the screen. It is very difficult to read the full content. It will be better if it holds three seconds more (just a recommendation).
• As I mentioned earlier, both interface and background music is good but nowadays people love varieties and expects more. So if there is more option to change the interface and music it will be more interesting.
• The ads at the top are good concept and a policy of the developer, but it is sometimes annoying. The problem is not the ads itself but the different colors that slide one after another are the real problem. The changing color distracts the user’s concentration.
• The game is difficult for new users to adjust with it. The game should be easy initially at least for some length to allow users to adjust with the touch and to be ready to accept the further challenges. I am regular player of the game but I myself feel difficult to adjust with it after I play at some interval. As references to the Helicopter Game, the bullets do not come initially and only comes after covering some distance. This helps users to be more familiar with the game.
• The case is opposite for the pro-players. The pace of the game continues same throughout. The game becomes boring if you are familiar with the game and start playing good. To make it more interesting, the pace of the game should be increased after covering certain distances. As comparing to Helicopter Game, after covering certain distance fast flowing bullet starts coming making game more challenging and making users more focused. After you become familiar with the game, you can play game with one hand and drink tea/coffee with others, this makes it little boring.
• The competition and prize reward is a good concept to promote the game but I think it is too early to declare such competition. Until people will know about the game and be addicted to it, the competition will be over. So I recommend other competition after you feel you have good number of users.
• The main fault in the competition that I noticed is the necessity of network connection throughout. May be people are not aware of it or if they are also, there is no point to play the game if you have internet connection connected in your device. I know I am being rude, but trust me no one will want to play the game if they internet connection. Moreover, internet and their associated notifications are also distracting factors for users who plays the game. I think the developer should think about it before launching other competitions.
• What I feel personally is – despite of the competition and promotion on the social networking the game has not been able to attract new users. The people who have downloaded and played the game are those who know developer personally and would have played anyway despite of the competition or promotion. So the developer should think of other ways to promote the game. It is just my vision as I do not have the access to the actual data.
• What makes the advertisement in the social media less effective is the length of the post. People in the social media do not like the long text especially if it is promoting something, until it is related to love and relation or until it is posted by a popular page or personality. The best way to communicate the message in my view is to create a good designed image and write everything within it. It is more effective than writing a full paragraph and also easier for other user to share it.

After analyzing the pros and cons of the game, I will rate it 2.5 out of 5 and additional 0.5 for Nepal’s flag concept so making it 3 out of 5. If the crash and hanging factor is not considered then the game deserves 3.5 out of 5.


Flappy Bee Game Competition Day 3

The third day of competition has also come to end. You can download, play and win the balance at least one more day. The experience of Day 3 is  more exciting than Day 1 and Day 2. The total download of the app has reached 120+. The 20 new users registered the system which makes the 85+ active users. Minimum 2500 times the game was played by these users on the third day only. The winners are:

  1. First: Shirish Maharjan (2376)  NTC   Rs. 100
  2. Second: Sunaj Lamsal (1515) NCELL Rs. 50
  3. Third: Yogesh Acharya (1294) NTC Rs. 30
  4. Random: Riken Maharjan  (787) NCELL Rs. 20

Congratulations to all the winners of the third day! You still can be the winner in following day.

The rule for the last round has been little been modified. Two person will be the winner in this last round

  1. Highest Sum of the score from Day 1 to Day 4.
  2. Highest Number of times played on Day 4.

So, you still have great chance to win Rs. 300 and Rs. 100!