Helicopter Game

Helicopter Game

This is my first game published on the play store. It is very simple and I learned it from the great tutorial. Thank you for the tutorial.

You can get the app from the Google Play.

The famous Helicopter Game is so addicting that you most likely won’t be able to stop playing… EVER. The goal is to try to fly the little helicopter as far as you can by maneuvering it through the bullets. If you crash once, it’s game over no matter how far you have flown and you’ll have to start over. The objective of the game is to see how much distance you can cover before finally crashing.

The highest score till now with screenshot is 2133,

Highest Score

Good Luck!


Retrieving your lost contact from viber

Extracting contact form Viber Desktop can be useful at times. Suppose you lost your phone and your contacts are not synced to your Google account. If you are a Viber desktop user then there is a way to restore all your contacts at once.

Of course you can type them manually to your device as well, but who likes the traditional way?? After all its era of technology.

First of all you need to have a simple executable file of light size SQLite, which you can obtain from the following link

http://www.sqlite.org/download.html download windows version as per your requirement.

After downloading the file extract it and copy sqllite3.exe to C: drive

Now you need to go to the following directory:


Note: if you can’t find AppData listed make sure you can see the hidden items, which u can do form folder options

Look for the files viber.db & data.db


Copy those two files to the root directory that is C:

Note that you place these three files together (viber.db, data.db & sqlite3.exe).

In the next step you need to open command prompt make sure u run this as an administrator


Now place yourself in the root directory, you can go back a directory by typing cd.. in the command prompt.

After u place yourself at C:

Type in the following command


Now you can see the command line interface for SQLite, then type in the following

  • .open viber.db
  • .headers on
  • .mode csv
  • .output test.csv
  • SELECT ContactRelation.Number, Contact.FirstName, Contact.SecondName FROM Contact INNER JOIN ContactRelation ON Contact.ContactID = ContactRelation.ContactID ORDER BY Contact.FirstName;
  •   .output stdout

The above commands give you the file named test.csv which has all your contact listed in it, you can find it in C: drive. In order to make this file of the proper standard and recognizable by your phone you can do the following: Make a directory named Viber inside htdocs folder in Xampp or www folder in wampp.Inside the folder Viber create a files result.csv and test.php and copy test.csv from C: drive in current directory.  In test.php copy the following code:

if (($handle = fopen("test.csv", "r")) !== FALSE) {
	while (($data = fgetcsv($handle, 1000, ",")) !== FALSE) {
		echo $data[1];
		for ($j = 0; $j <= 28; $j++) {
			if ($j==26){
				echo"* My Contacts";
			else echo ",";
		echo $data[0];
		echo "<br>";

After you save this code open your browser and type in localhost/viber/test.phpYou will get the output in somewhat following format
Contact name,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,* My Contacts,mobile+97711111111
Now open result.csv and paste the data from your browser, make sure to include the following text in top of result.csv file
Name,Given Name,Additional Name,Family Name,Yomi Name,Given Name Yomi,Additional Name Yomi,Family Name Yomi,Name Prefix,Name Suffix,Initials,Nickname,Short Name,Maiden Name,Birthday,Gender,Location,Billing Information,Directory Server,Mileage,Occupation,Hobby,Sensitivity,Priority,Subject,Notes,Group Membership,Phone 1 – Type,Phone 1 – Value   

  •  This whole text should be in single line and in top of the file i.e. in the first line.
  •   Make sure that there is not any empty line in between the text lines.

After ensuring these things you can save the file and go to https://www.google.com/contacts/u/0/?cplus=0 Now you can select import contacts and upload result.csv file  Now all your contacts will be uploaded to your Google account and contacts can be synced into your phone over the internet.






DDOOCP Topic 0: Java SE 7

The History of Java Technology

Since 1995, Java has changed our world . . . and our expectations..


Today, with technology such a part of our daily lives, we take it for granted that we can be connected and access applications and content anywhere, anytime. Because of Java, we expect digital devices to be smarter, more functional, and way more entertaining.

In the early 90s, extending the power of network computing to the activities of everyday life was a radical vision. In 1991, a small group of Sun engineers called the “Green Team” believed that the next wave in computing was the union of digital consumer devices and computers. Led by James Gosling, the team worked around the clock and created the programming language that would revolutionize our world – Java.

The Green Team demonstrated their new language with an interactive, handheld home-entertainment controller that was originally targeted at the digital cable television industry. Unfortunately, the concept was much too advanced for the them at the time. But it was just right for the Internet, which was just starting to take off. In 1995, the team announced that the Netscape Navigator Internet browser would incorporate Java technology.

Today, Java not only permeates the Internet, but also is the invisible force behind many of the applications and devices that power our day-to-day lives. From mobile phones to handheld devices, games and navigation systems to e-business solutions, Java is everywhere!

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